A few millimeters of installation height suffice!

Barriers for acids, alkalis, oils, solvents and mixtures.

Model stable hygiene

If SINNOTEC is used to renovate in pig, chicken and poultry or dairy cattle stalls, everyone benefits: the farmer, as they are able to finish the stable work quicker on a hermetically dense floor; The veterinarian, because they suddenly no longer have an infected herd; the treasured cattle, who will naturally eat so much better in a clean environment; last but not least, the tourists, who see farming with new eyes during their holidays on the farm.

Also dense on the rear wall

SINNOTEC has perfected the principle of "white tub" and compacted the concrete matrix to such an extent that there is complete protection against moisture penetration on the rear wall. Indispensable for concrete components which are in direct contact with water or with the ground; Sole and floor panels, basement walls, sumps, bridge piers, tunnels etc.

Oil is safely collected

Cracked, stained and covered with streaks – that is how many an oil cellar floors look like. If this is not responded to promptly and correctly, the grease penetrates the concrete matrix. There is then often little time left until leakage occurs at any point. It is important to stop oils, alkalis, acids, chemicals and biocides and/or toxic substances. The reputation of a company, that does not adequately control their storage sites, is quickly in tatters. By using silicate chemistry, SINNOTEC helps keeps adversity away from the client.

Before the water comes

Instances of heavy rain are increasing. Rainwater overflow tacks are designed to help the canalization of the controlled run-off by absorbing excessively large water masses. A round coating with SINNOTEC silicate technology helps against the gradual moisture 
penetration of concrete walls and ceilings by substances which for a long time, have not just consisted of water. It is never too early for that!

Concrete protection in its best form!

An ingenious product idea with an almost endless list of advantages.

Two dozen plus points from many: SINNOTEC Silicate chemistry …

*… offers perfect corrosion protection for all steel components;

*… prevents hollow bearings of steel reinforcement in concrete ceilings;

*…solidifies the substrate and proves to be resistant to high temperatures;

*… is characterized by resistance to biogenic sulphuric acid, benzine, chemicals, solvents and alkalis;

*… even adheres to oil-contaminated, low load-bearing substrates after previous cleaning;

*… has a sealing and anti-corrosive effect even in the presence of already existing salt contamination in the sub-surface;

*… permanently protects against moisture penetration on the rear wall;

*… proves to be resistant to water pressure and chemicals even at high temperatures;

*… is not sensitive to high-pressure steam cleaning, rapeseed methyl ester and similar challenges, as inorganic chemistry knows no sources or dissolution;

*… achieves microbiological efficiency through biocide-free generated hydrophobic surfaces;

*… thanks to the inhospitality of the dry matrix, does not allow any discolouration from organisms, such as black through Aspergillus niger, green and red through algae and moss.

*… is approved of by the building authorities as a waterproofing slurry;

*… can be used and certified as WHG-compliant building material by WHG-approved processors in accordance with DIBt guidelines;

*… can be pumped and sprayed;

*… can be applied either by hand or – especially on larger surfaces– using machine technology;

*… permits the scattering of chips and grit;

*… has flexibly selectable slip resistance in the range of R9 to V10;

*… conducts electricity for hazardous areas;

*… impresses thanks to its adjustable conductivity (ESD-compliant floors);

*… can be driven on using forklifts trucks and lifting carts;

*… proves to be extremely resistant to abrasion;

*… is compatible with elastic sealants for joints;

*… is based on granulated slag and is extremely environmentally-friendly;

*… hardens at room temperature and forms a ceramic-like surface.

Smoothly on an entire surface

Modernization of the ground during business operations, the simplest processing by means of a squeegee, almost uninterrupted availability of the full surface, immediate visible enhancement in attractiveness and the highest levels of operational safety is made possible by SINNOTEC, even on old flooring. The installation can be carried out, even under hazardous conditions during business operation!

It looks better all around

When it comes to structural protection in areas that are difficult to access, the silica-based SINNOTEC products can be applied in a highly varied manner. For example by spinning, per centrifuge syringe, by hand by means of a trowel, a squeegee or mop etc. The main thing is that the result is correct and the minimum coating thickness is maintained on the whole surface.

Installation glady untertaken by the master-hand

The scenario is well-known but ghastly every time: Dark spots almost cover the whole floor, especially underneath the machine. A little pond of hydraulic oil has formed there already. It’s high time to properly repair the ground from scratch and to permanently seal it against dripping oil. With SINNOTEC, of course. Who else!?

With machine technology by request

SINNOTEC silicate chemistry can even be applied using a high-pressure spray gun. This characteristic is mostly used on the scaffolding, when for example large wall and ceiling surfaces are to be coated. Colour can also be adapted to virtually the customer’s every request.

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