Leak-proof materials are in everyone’s best interest.

SINNOTEC guarantees that they really work.

It’s hard to imagine what sewage pipes, collecting basins, clarifiers and digesters of biogas plants have to withstand. The absolute impermeability of concrete components is essential in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly, day after day and night after night.

SINNOTEC silicate technology creates extremely robust, ultra-flat surfaces, in which surface irregularities, cracks and cavities do not form at all, or do so significantly later compared to conventional sealing methods. This is something which serves the common good and frees up a municipality's budget on a long-term basis.

Sealed completely

Nobody really wants to know what passes through these type of channels and containers on a continuous basis. It’s something that we don’t really need to know about, as long as everything is working. In the sealing of sewers, silicate chemicals by SINNOTEC immunise concrete components against even the most aggressive acids. Deposits cannot gain a foothold on the closed, smooth surface, and are safely washed away, until they are treated at the sewage treatment plant.

Greatly prolonged intervals

Concrete requires maintenance and repair by professionals when it comes to meeting objectives on a long-term basis. Repair work on supply pipes, collecting tanks and clarifiers must be done significantly less frequently than dictated by the market standard practices if SINNOTEC silicate chemistry is used at the right time.

Nothing is allowed to seep through

Concrete containers in which liquids and substances that can pollute the soil and ground water are stored must be absolutely impermeable. This is stipulated by the German Water Resources Act (WHG). There are no exceptions. System operators are liable to comply with this act. We at SINNOTEC have got you covered.

Where fermentation is occurring ...

Natural processes can also damage substances in concrete components. Fermentation processes in biogas plants, for example, which produce digester gases for heating purposes, such as biogenic sulphuric acid created using rotting dung and silage made from plant material, strongly increase the deterioration of concrete in the fermenter. With SINNOTEC silicate chemistry, this destructive effect can be prevented on a sustainable basis.

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