SINNOTEC – We care about concrete!

Sinnotec silicate technology was created in order to make something out of old concrete.

Free of cracks and stress

The hardness! Sinnotec creates completely homogenous surfaces! And the tightened WHG (Water Resources Act) will not bother you.

Alkaline and acid resistant

The highlight: Whether base or aggressive acid – everything rolls off Sinnotec.

Frost and heat resistant

Hot-cold passion! Sinnofloor and Sinnodur are resistant to temperature shocks – from absolute zero to +500 ° C.

Sustainably environmentally-friendly

The formula! Take granulated blast furnace slag and its patent: Dr Jörg Rathenow knows how to make concrete better. Just ask us.

SINNOTEC Silicate chemistry: Concrete protection at its best!

We care about concrete! According to this principle, Sinnotec Innovation Consulting GmbH develops, produces and distributes aggregates for concrete as per requirement as well as protective products for concrete components which have to be able to withstand unusual to extreme stress. The focus here is on the repair, refurbishment and refinement of concrete products and components by applying innovative silicate technology based on the special expertise of the research chemist Dr. rer. nat. Jörg Rathenow.

Silicate chemistry

In order to achieve dense, sealed, extremely solid concrete surfaces (see picture on the left), SINNOTEC uses geopolymeric silicate binders. After all, compared to conventional cement-based products (see picture on right), the silicate chemistry possesses substance-improving qualities which means specific resistance advantages in grain and fibre inclusion.

A future for concrete!

The University of Kassel certifies SINNODUR and SINNOFLOOR with outstanding resistance to acids and alkalis. The TU Dresden has also identified its remarkable mechanical properties. Science has clearly recognised the fact that SINNOTEC silicate chemistry can be used to permanently refurbish all types of concrete components.

Concrete sealing

Silicate chemistry from SINNOTEC makes concrete parts extremely robust. This keeps the building structure heathly for longer - intervals between maintenance for waste water pipes, sewage treatment plants and catch basins is significantly prolonged. This saves the municipal budget and creates freedom for investments. Treasurers and taxpayers will love SINNOTEC!

SINNOTEC seals tightly!

Concrete products, pipes, shafts and concrete parts can be equipped with easy-to-clean surfaces, free from efflorescence and acid-resistant. SINNOTEC ensures protection from pressing groundwater when used in tunnels, waterways, canal construction and the UHPC segment as well as in the repair of base slabs and cellar floors.

Concrete refinement

Most buildings have concrete floors, ceilings or walls. However, this universal construction material only becomes visually attractive, resistant and durable through aggregates. With the innovative SINNOTEC Silicate Chemistry, concrete can be optimised depending on variety and needs. Let’s salute the fact that the concrete meets the user’s requirements!

Splendid appearance!

Surface protection thanks to the highest possible level of hardness, acid and oil resistance due to ceramic-like material structures, security for soil and groundwater resistance strictly according to WHG, freedom of choice regarding degree of gloss and colour, also odour-free thanks to a water-based formulation. These are only five of many advantages that speak for the extremely economic SINNOTEC silicate chemistry. Top hygiene always included!

WGH-compliant corrosion protection

Chemicals continue to move through concrete until they are stopped. With SINNOTEC silicate chemistry, the surface density is preserved, even in the case of timely, at best preventative treatment - neither solvents nor rear moisture penetration stand a chance, as SINNOTEC silicate chemistry is resistant to high temperatures and acts to bridge cracks. The effect: Aggressive chemicals can neither penetrate nor enter the core of the concrete component. As a result, houses, engineering structures and communal facilities “live” all the more longer.

Chloride does not stand a chance!

Chloride-induced corrosion does not take place with SINNOTEC. With the high-resistant floor, wall and surface coating SINNODUR and SINNOFLOOR, SINOTEC ensures that all these damaging chlorides are not even able to reach the steel armament to then start attacking it. Construction and civil engineering, as well as bridge, water, pipe and shipbuilding, are able to firmly rely on it.

SINNOTEC – Future Materials

The right solution for every challenge!

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