SINNOTEC meets the user’s expectations.

Sinnotec silicate technology was created in order to make something from old concrete.

Splendid appearance! How it reflects the light! Hard to believe that it is a screed. Incredible but true! With SINNOTEC, the room turns into a stage, grey floor surfaces appear as if under the spotlight. On request even anti-slip (with profile) surface subdivisions etc. can be provided.

Because there is no second chance for the best first impression! This particularly applies to floors in shops, for lobbies in hotels and the entrance areas of large companies, representative corridors, conference rooms, dance halls, waiting rooms and meeting rooms or even exhibition halls. SINNOTEC silicate chemistry opens up new creative possibilities for complete staging.

Physical product advantages create freedom for creativity.

Chic from the ground up

Kitchen studios and furniture stores must make a good impression so that customers come, look, and buy. Perfect staging is the key to success. This makes it all the more important that the floor suits the exhibition. SINNOTEC has the knowledge to make the perfect space from a shop floor which inspires people.

Functional sophistication

Cables can be real tripping hazards. The aim of the game is therefore to plan an entire cable route based on needs - whether in a new building or for a forthcoming restoration. SINNOTEC integrates TGA supply routes, surface penetrations and outlet sockets into the ground structure. Angular or round profiles around the covers are included. Surface concision is a must.

Without wallflowers

Algae, moss and fungal growth on concrete walls is not for everyone. SINNOTEC silicate chemistry makes concrete walls ultra-hard and super smooth. On the purely alkaline coating, spores can hardly find any pores or joints, so there is practically no hold. At the latest when the rain washes them away. Which is why "wall-flowers" don’t stand a chance, even if the concrete element borders on a water collector or clarifier.

Creative outdoor flooring

Feel like a summer retreat? More in the garden? Always a pleasure! SINNOTEC silicate chemistry, based on granulated blast-furnace slag, is completely environmentally friendly and can be used without harming the foundation or surface shaping; e.g. for seating areas in the middle of the green meadow. Even if the lawn grows all around it, no polluting substances diffuse into the soil. Which is in line with sustainable chemistry, if you like. Typically SINNOTEC. In the best sense.

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